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require 'ostruct' person = = "Fred Bloggs" person.age = 25 person is a variable pointing to an object of class OpenStruct, and OpenStruct allows you to call attributes whatever you like, on the fly. It s similar to how a hash works, but using the object notation. As the name implies, OpenStruct is more flexible than Struct, but this comes at the cost of harder-to-read code. There s nowhere to determine exactly, at a glance, which attributes have been used. However, with traditional structs, you can see the attribute names at the same place the struct is created. As you can see, using libraries is pretty easy. In most cases you just use require to load the relevant classes and methods, and then you can start using them right away. However, for more complex scenarios, read on!

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'last name': 'of Locksley'} 'last name': 'of Locksley'}

RubyGems is a packaging system for Ruby programs and libraries. It enables developers to package their Ruby libraries in a form that s easy for users to maintain and install. RubyGems makes it easy to manage different versions of the same libraries on your machine, and gives you the ability to install them with a single line at the command prompt. Each individually packaged Ruby library (or application) is known simply as a gem or RubyGem. Gems have names, version numbers, and descriptions. You can manage your computer s local installations of gems using the gem command, available from the command line.

Using this approach, you can develop a smooth process that s sure to result in a PowerPoint presentation that gives everyone involved a rewarding communication experience..

Before you can use RubyGems, it s necessary to install it (or make sure it s already installed), as it s not part of Ruby, officially. However, it is the de facto packaging system for Ruby libraries, and installation is easy.

Windows If you installed Ruby using the one-click installer as described in 1, you ll already have RubyGems installed and can skip down to the Finding Gems section. However, if you re running a different version of Ruby on Windows that doesn t have RubyGems installed, refer to the following OS X and Linux instructions, as they re quite generic.

Mac OS X, Linux, and Other Unix Developed in pure Ruby, RubyGems installs in a similar manner on all platforms. These instructions are tailored toward OS X and Linux, but could be used on all platforms: 1. Go to the RubyGems project site at 2. Find the Download link (presently at the right after Latest File Releases ) and go to the download page. 3. Download the latest .tar.gz or ZIP file available. The latest release should be highlighted. 4. Uncompress the .tar.gz or ZIP file. On OS X or Linux this can be done with tar xzvf rubygems-0.9.0.tgz, where the filename should be replaced with the filename of the file you just downloaded. 5. Go to the folder created by uncompressing the RubyGems file with cd rubygems-0.9.0 (or similar). 6. Run ruby setup.rb as a superuser (that is, root) or by using sudo: sudo ruby setup.rb, and entering your password (on OS X) or the root password (on other systems) at the prompt. 7. RubyGems installs itself and reports success (in case of error, refer to the messages raised).

If you have colleagues who are also using BBP, consider pooling your resources to create a BBP design library. If your organization uses Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, you could use it to create a collaborative Web site for people who are willing to share their PowerPoint les. For example, you could create document library folders labeled Key Point Layouts And Slide Examples, Explanation Layouts And Slide Examples, and Detail Layouts And Slide Examples. Anyone who created a presentation using one of those design techniques would then post it in the corresponding folder. You and the members of your team would no longer have to begin presentations from scratch; instead, you d have a library of ideas ready for you to check out. If your organization uses Microsoft Of ce SharePoint 2007 and enables the Slide Library feature, you will nd additional features that you can use to share and collaborate using your BBP slides.

'last name': 'of Locksley'}

Note For Linux users: If you get errors during installation that say certain libraries are missing (such as

YAML or Zlib), you re probably using a preinstalled version of Ruby that came with your Linux distribution. If you don t want to install a fresh version of Ruby from source (which is usually the best idea, and is covered in 1), your distribution might let you install these missing libraries using its package management system. For example, on Ubuntu or Debian, apt-get libyaml-ruby and apt-get libzlib-ruby can commonly resolve the problem.


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